The following questions have to be covered in the submission

The competition is focusing on “Marketable and efficient solutions with initial evidence to assess, to reduce and/or to avoid pollutants, pathogens and antimicrobial resistant bacteria in the water cycle.”

An application form for online submission will follow in short term.
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(Q: What is the problem or current challenge you intend to solve with your solution?)

(Q: Describe the uniqueness of your solution | Describe the innovation)

(Q: Describe the universal applicability | Describe the regional and/or sectoral applicability)

(Q: Describe the evidence of the research or implementation results | How robust are the results? | What are the main risks for your idea/solution? | What are your mitigation strategies for these risks? | At what technology readiness level is your solution?)

(Q: How does your solution differ from existing projects, technologies, methods, and tools (technology/sustainability/economics …)? | How long will it take to get it market-ready? | What difference will your idea/solution make to society and the water circle? | Who benefits from your idea/solution? | Who are the (intended) pilot customers?)

(Q: How much will it cost to complete the development of your technology / idea) | Describe the expected key performance indicators on a 5 yrs. perspective)