3rd Water JPI Conference Presenter

on November 17, 2021 

Loretta Stern
Presenter / Actress / Singer

Loretta Stern presented film festival specials for arte. At the Berlinale she presents the “European Shooting Stars” and the “Prize of German Film Critics”. As a singer, she appears on stage with her band KARLHEINZ or the pianist Karla Haltenwanger with the programme “Kennen Sie Cortazár”. On television she can be seen, among other things, as Inspector Nora Neubauer in the crime series “Heiter bis tödlich – Nordisch Herb”.

In 2019, she organised the first dance workshop for children with cerebral palsy in Berlin in cooperation with the Staatsballett Berlin in Berlin. The commercial for the Hyundai i10 with Loretta shows excerpts from this project, the documentary film “Und ob ich tanze!” will show the entire project.

Photo: Silvia Medina

David Bargiel
Audiovisual performer

David Bargiel was born in Hanover (1984) and studied product design at the Kunsthochschule Kassel. There he worked, among other things, in cooperation with the Department of Water Settlement Management under the direction of Prof. Dr. Franz-Bernd Frechen on a further development of the P.A.U.L. water backpack for disaster areas.

As a self-employed presenter, he knows how to inspire audiences both on site and on screen and how to convey even complex issues in a charming, informative and to-the-point manner. In addition to German, he is fluent in English and has basic knowledge of Polish and Spanish.

Photo: Martin Bargiel